RONN Motor Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO Ronn Ford Speaks At Valley Of The Sun Clean Cities Coalition

The Arizona state motto “Ditat Deus” is Latin for “God Enriches.”  By simple definition, to enrich means, “to improve or enhance the quality or value of,” and that principle is always at the forefront of what Scottsdale-based RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) strives to do.  Whether designing technology to enable a cleaner future or educating the public about rapidly approaching zero-emission automotive mandates, RONN is passionate about improving the quality of life today as well as tomorrow.

In an effort to raise awareness and offer education about the future of zero-emission vehicles, RONN Motor Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO Ronn Ford, along with Chief Technology Officer Jim Maury, spoke to members of the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition (VSCCC) whose mission is “to advance the environmental, energy and economic security of Central and Northern Arizona by advocating and participating in practices that promote clean domestic energy and reduce dependence on conventional petroleum based fuels.”

RONN Motor Group Inc., presents to members of the Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition

With over 80 coalitions across the U.S., the Clean Cities Program was developed by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 “to support voluntary efforts by government and business to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.”  “Our mission at Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition lines up succinctly with that of RONN Motor Group, Inc.,” said Executive Director William Sheaffer. “Operational hydrogen vehicles are closer than many think, and we are excited to hear from the company who is driving the development of zero-emission, all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.”

VSCCC Executive Director William Sheaffer & Chairman/CEO RONN Motor Group Inc., Ronn Ford

As such, this was an ideal opportunity to share the advancements in all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology, why it’s the way of the future, and how it will soon be an integral part of our everyday lives.

“I enjoy the opportunity to speak with those who have a like-minded passion to positively impact the environment through clean energy,” said Ronn Ford.  “The Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition is a valuable organization making inroads toward a cleaner future, and I feel privileged to have been invited to speak.”

RONN is committed to playing its part on the global level, and equally so on the local level.  With a deep commitment to community and industry, RONN strives to educate and bring awareness in ways that will incite the public to accelerate the future with zero-emission electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology.

RONN Motor Group Inc., Chairman/CEO Ronn Ford and  CTO Jim Maury post discussion with VSCCC members

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