On the First Day of Christmas, the Future Gave to Me…

As we look to the future for zero-emission solutions to power automobiles, two sources are on the forefront of technology: electricity and hydrogen (H2). Though both can help us achieve a zero-emission future, H2 is the only long-term solution and is rapidly gaining momentum worldwide.

“H2 fuel-cell vehicles, with a zero-emission capability, represent the future of the automobile,” said Naqui Jaffery, the lead author of Information Trend’s report Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles: A Global Analysis.  “These vehicles will be the fastest growing segment of the auto market by 2050,” he added.

H2 is the most abundant element on Earth and has the unique ability to be manufactured via zero-emission technologies, such as wind and solar power.  All electric-hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles can be refueled in 3-5 minutes, similar to refueling a gasoline-powered automobile, making H2 the clear, simple choice for the future.

According to Information Trends, an estimated 20M H2  fuel-cell vehicles will be sold cumulatively worldwide by 2032 resulting in cumulative revenue of upwards of $1.2T for the automotive industry by that date.

Sufficient H2 filling infrastructure is expected to be in place in many regions of the world by 2020, and as expansion progresses, greater market acceptance will follow. “By 2021, at least 10 brands will be selling H2  fuel-cell vehicles,” Jaffery said. “By this time, H2 fueling infrastructures will be sufficiently developed in several regions to allow large-scale H2 mobility.”

For over a decade, RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) has been one of the world’s foremost leaders in all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Though we believe batteries are a transitional form of energy due to limited storage space and deposal options, we see the future of zero-emission transportation technology can be found in H2.

At RONN, we are committed to leading the revolutionary automotive technology of the future, bridging globally conscious solutions with the human experience. Partner with us today by logging onto our website at ronnmotorgroup.com and clicking on the invest button.  You have a limited time to invest in the future of automotive technology.  Let’s accelerate the future together.



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