Future Technology Trends Showcase at the 2018 CES


The world’s most innovative tech companies are gearing up for this week’s global technology event, the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since it’s launch in 1967, CES has grown more than 10 times with an estimated 170,000 attendees and 3,900 exhibiting companies from over 150 countries. From tech powerhouses to innovative startups, exhibitors will be showcasing all facets of technology Tuesday, January 9 through Friday, January 12. Such innovations will include everything from audio, vehicle technology and wireless to drones, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sensor tech and more.

Attendees will leave CES with a good grasp of the underlying technology trends that will shape the future and one area that has thrived in recent years: the merging of technology and transportation. Featuring the latest in concept cars, self-driving tech and connected vehicles, CES has been named one of USA Today’s 10 Best Automotive Shows as it’s focused on making cars safer and drivers more connected.

A new feature, CES will now display a section devoted to smart cities as companies work to alleviate traffic, urban congestion and reduce pollution over the next decade. Steve Koenig, senior director for market research with the Consumer Technology Association told the Huffington Post, “CTA projects global spending on smart cities will reach $34.35B by 2020, so we think it’s important to have a dedicated conference program and exhibition focused on this global initiative. This remarkable growth will influence tech industry growth, change the way we think about cities and address global ills. We want to help our attendees gain a better and more comprehensive sense of this trend and help encourage the continued development of smart cities.”

Companies such as RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) are supportive of events such as CES, keenly aware that looking to the future to predict necessary, worldwide change is a gift of the technologically minded; however, in a world of dreamers, only a few are driven enough to bring their visionary technology to market. RONN is actively advancing the global automotive market with all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology, paving a path of clean technology as the world races toward a zero-emission future beginning in 2019.  To learn more about us, visit our website at www.ronnmotorgroup.com and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.






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