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The Automotive Technology Coming to a City Near You


It’s easy to forget what things were like at the ground floor of something new. Back in the day, cell phones were a novelty, touch screens didn’t exist, text messages cost $.10, and landlines could be found in the majority of American homes. At the turn of the century, people were more focused on stock piling food for Y2K than negotiating data plans.

Looking back, it’s challenging to remember the days when roaming charges shaped a trip between cities. Yet cellular towers were popping up all over the country in preparation for the technological transition that would define a generation.

As soon as 2019, zero-emission automotive mandates will directly impact 40% of the global population.

A technological transition is again on the horizon, one that will define an automotive generation. Many don’t recognize it yet, but two decades from now, hydrogen fueling stations will be everywhere, on every street corner. Much like the popularity of today’s 4G and global communication infrastructure, hydrogen technology will be a staple in the global automotive landscape.

RONN Motor Group, Inc. believes that the way to a sustainable automotive future is through zero-emission all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology. To learn more about us, visit our website at and follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.



5 Business Concepts To Advance Innovation

1. Listen to Others: The best way to meet a need is to understand that there is one. We do that by listening to each other.
2. Think Outside the Box: A different point of view can hold the answers.
3. Never Accept Complacency: Always strive to make a better mousetrap; innovation depends on it.
4. Learn From Inpiring Individuals Who Have Set the Bar High: It’s always easier to see the answers from the shoulders of giants than by standing on your tip-toes.
5. Perseverance: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Always learn from your failures, let them inspire you rather than discourage you. The greatest innovations come from perseverance.  Stay in the game.
At RONN Motor Group, Inc., advancement and progress are our passion for innovation. We believe the future is counting on us to re-imagine new ways to create power.  Our refusal to remain complacent requires that we lead the charge.  To learn more about us, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Article by C.G. Ryche / Creative Director of RONN Motor Group, Inc.

The RONN Scorpion Turns Heads at Innovation Fair 2018


It would appear that RONN Motor Group, Inc.’s (RONN) coveted Scorpion supercar is now turning more heads than just the human kind. Hanson Robotics’ social humanoid robot Sophia got behind the wheel of the Scorpion on Tuesday at the Kadima Innovation Fair in Scottsdale, Arizona, where RONN was invited to participate.




Kadima Ventures is “a transformative collaboration of companies that offer resources to early-stage startups and legacy companies to evolve ideas into advanced technologies.” Innovation Fair 2018, an invite-only event, is an opportunity for the most transformative startup companies in the world to engage with strategically selected investors who are laser focused on driving innovation.

“It’s always an honor to be among like-minded individuals advancing global technology,” said Ronn Ford, Chairman and CEO of RONN Motor Group, Inc. “The ability to showcase our all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell platform as the future’s sustainable automotive option is something I’m passionate about and always welcome those who are interested in what we’re doing, from all walks of life, even robots.”

RONN Motor Group, Inc. believes that the way to a sustainable automotive future is through zero-emission all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology. To learn more about us, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Barrett-Jackson Gearing Up To Feature the Heart and Soul of the Automotive Lifestyle

RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) strives to advance the technology of the automotive future, but often times it is equally important to appreciate the history of the automotive past. There is no greater place to do that than at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction, also known as “The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auction.”

Beginning January 13, 2018, and running until January 21, 2018, Barrett-Jackson will host its 47th annual auction at WestWorld in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over the years, this event has evolved into a “world-class automotive lifestyle experience,” offering activities, demonstrations and attractions for people of all ages. Patrons can experience everything from automotive-related wares to creative, educational programs for children; demonstrations will range from new-car manufacturers to collecting seminars.

The vast Barrett-Jackson auction site at WestWorld. Source: Barrett-Jackson

Barrett-Jackson attracts car enthusiasts from all over the world ready and able to bid on any of the 1,600 vehicles making their way across the auction block and broadcast on live television for a total of 37 hours. This year’s cream-of-the-crop includes a 1914 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost; a 1951 Talbot-Lago T-26 Grand Sport; a 1963 Maserati 3500 GT Vignale Spyder; and a 1966 Aston Martin DB5.

1914 ROLLS-ROYCE 40/50HP SILVER GHOST, Source: Barrett-Jackson

The classics aren’t the only thing garnering attention this year, however. Some of the world’s most coveted modern supercars will be represented by Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini and will include a stunning 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, one of the most advanced high-performance hybrids on the market today.

2015 PORSCHE 918 SPYDER, Source: Barrett-Jackson

RONN Motor Group, an avid supporter and past exhibitor of Barrett-Jackson, is proud to be recognized alongside modern, exotic supercars. RONN is committed to leading the future’s automotive revolution through a full-line range of all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.  To learn more about us, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Future Technology Trends Showcase at the 2018 CES


The world’s most innovative tech companies are gearing up for this week’s global technology event, the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since it’s launch in 1967, CES has grown more than 10 times with an estimated 170,000 attendees and 3,900 exhibiting companies from over 150 countries. From tech powerhouses to innovative startups, exhibitors will be showcasing all facets of technology Tuesday, January 9 through Friday, January 12. Such innovations will include everything from audio, vehicle technology and wireless to drones, augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing, sensor tech and more.

Attendees will leave CES with a good grasp of the underlying technology trends that will shape the future and one area that has thrived in recent years: the merging of technology and transportation. Featuring the latest in concept cars, self-driving tech and connected vehicles, CES has been named one of USA Today’s 10 Best Automotive Shows as it’s focused on making cars safer and drivers more connected.

A new feature, CES will now display a section devoted to smart cities as companies work to alleviate traffic, urban congestion and reduce pollution over the next decade. Steve Koenig, senior director for market research with the Consumer Technology Association told the Huffington Post, “CTA projects global spending on smart cities will reach $34.35B by 2020, so we think it’s important to have a dedicated conference program and exhibition focused on this global initiative. This remarkable growth will influence tech industry growth, change the way we think about cities and address global ills. We want to help our attendees gain a better and more comprehensive sense of this trend and help encourage the continued development of smart cities.”

Companies such as RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) are supportive of events such as CES, keenly aware that looking to the future to predict necessary, worldwide change is a gift of the technologically minded; however, in a world of dreamers, only a few are driven enough to bring their visionary technology to market. RONN is actively advancing the global automotive market with all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology, paving a path of clean technology as the world races toward a zero-emission future beginning in 2019.  To learn more about us, visit our website at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.






Inspiration To Advance The Future

RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN) has entered 2018 with limitless expectation and aggressive plans for accelerated action. Even in the course of corporate processes and procedures, it’s the human experience that tugs at the heart, restores hope in humanity and inspires us to pursue change for future generations. As the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months, it is important to stay focused on that which is true, noble, right, excellent and admirable. Those are the things that inspire us and encompass the characteristics we desire to contribute to the world.

Through a year of change and challenge, here are a few of the stories that inspired RONN CEO Ronn Ford in 2017 and fueled his passion to advance the future in 2018. Below are his thoughts on each:

George Lucas' Amazing Story

This is the story of how Star Wars almost never happenedHere's a free tool to help you on your path to success:

Posted by Goalcast on Sunday, December 10, 2017

When walking out a visionary pursuit, one must stay adamantly focused on the goal. Clips such as this remind me that accomplished dreams are always preceded by challenging obstacles, unimaginable sacrifice and those who speak boldly against you.  Two traits that I have learned along my entrepreneurial journey that every entrepreneur must develop: perseverance and a high tolerance for pain. Stay the course. Overcome. The future is waiting for your story.

2017 was the year that I personally saw decades of work come to fruition. The emotions in this clip represent things that I experienced firsthand this year, and the lessons in this film are important for everyone to learn:  

Put yourself in front of the right people.  

Never be afraid to ask.  

You can overcome one obstacle after another.  

Never let them see you cry.  

There are rewards for hard work.  

Walk with integrity.  

Meet the Man Who Turned His Furniture Stores Into Shelters for Harvey Victims

As a native Texan, Hurricane Harvey hit too close to home. Observing the American spirit rise up to support those in need made me proud of humanity and those I call family. Observing the actions of Mattress Mack reminded me that there are likeminded individuals in the world who set out to care for people, willing to step up and take action in a time of need, with no thought of personal gain.

Gilbert dealership gives truck to veteran who saved dozens during Vegas shooting

B5 Motors in Gilbert is giving away a free truck to a veteran who saved dozens of lives during the terrifying Las Vegas shooting last Sunday. Marine veteran Taylor Winston is being hailed a hero after saving dozens of lives during the mass shooting when he stole a truck and transported critically injured victims to the hospital.

Humility at its finest. Heroism honored as it should be.

Selfless individuals who set out to make life better for those with unique challenges hits close to home. One of the greatest rewards a human can receive is the feeling of helping someone who cannot help himself. This is a perfect example. Nothing is accomplished in this world without the help from others.

Bill Gates is building his own city, and he’s loading it with smart tech

Bill Gates used his smarts to become one of the most successful people on the planet, so it only makes sense that he would make a smart city. Earlier this month, a group headed by Gates’ investment group Cascade Investment LLC purchased a large plot of land just outside of Phoenix, Arizona to build this vision of a smart future.

It is my passion to make the world a better place, to leave it better than when I entered it. I dream of the day when communities are able to function with efficiency, utilizing natural resources to power our world.

10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that will appear by the 2030s

Two decades is not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but owing to accelerating change we can expect to see the emergence of some fairly disruptive technological innovations in the coming years. Here are 10 mindblowingly futuristic technologies that should appear by the 2030s.

I love to envision the future. What will it look like? What advances will be made? I constantly seek out ways to educate myself and others about what could be possible, pushing the envelope of technology.   Plus, I find this all incredibly fascinating.

Forget the Past

“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing, now it shall spring forth; shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” ( Isaiah 43: 18-19 NKJV).

My faith is the greatest aspect of what makes me who I am. My deeply rooted belief in the redemptive work of a Father is pivotal to how I live my life and how I treat others in my personal life as well as in the corporate arena. I am a firm believer that all people have a purpose to fulfill, and I walk out each day in order to fulfill that purpose. 

Source: The World
I appreciate beautiful things, and the Grand Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit.  It is breathtaking and reminds me that there has to be One that is greater than us. Thoughts of pride quickly disappear at the Grand Canyon, and we are reminded that we have been entrusted as caretakers of what we have been given.


In Case You Missed It

Time is a coveted commodity around the holidays, as is research and education regarding upcoming purchases. At RONN Motor Group, Inc., we want to make it as easy as possible for you to educate yourself on changes in the automotive future that will affect you. With that in mind, we’d like to offer the following Blog Index to maximize your time as you learn more about all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology and how you can invest in the future.


Press Releases/In The News

The Investor Update Is In!

Ronn Motor Group Launches Regulation A+ Mini-IPO To Fund Next Generation Of Globally Conscious Vehicles

RONN Motor Group Engages Dawson James Securities, Inc as Underwriter and Advisor On its Reg A+ Offering

RMG Announces Partnership with IoT Innovator, Fathym, Inc.

Former Global Weather Corp., Executive joins RONN Motor Group, Inc. as Chief Technology Officer

VIDEO: Yahoo Finance Interview



Regulation A+ Mini-IPO

The Investor Update Is In!

Reg A+: Giving All Americans The Opportunity To Become Investors

Ronn Motor Group Launches Regulation A+ Mini-IPO To Fund Next Generation Of Globally Conscious Vehicles


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VIDEO: A Journey You Take With Others

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All Electric-Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology

Test your Hydrogen IQ: 10 Hydrogen FAQs You Should Know

All Electric-Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Technology

Happy Hydrogen & Fuel-Cell Day

Building Better Automobiles With Individuals In Mind

Back To The Future Of Hydrogen Fuel-Cells

Hydrogen Fuel-Cells Gain National Recognition from Washington

What If You Knew What Came Next?

Future Travel Will Bring Another Reason To Give Thanks

Black Friday to Cyber Monday: What Fuels The World’s Largest Retailers?

What Leaders Have To Say About The Future of Transportation

VIDEO: Hydrogen Is The Future

VIDEO: How Do We Get Hydrogen?

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Additional RONN Technology

600 Miles of Drivability

VIDEO: Driver Assisted Vehicles

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Battery Technology

All Zero- Emission Vehicles Are Not Created Equal, Part I

All Zero- Emission Vehicles Are Not Created Equal, Part II

All Zero- Emission Vehicles Are Not Created Equal, Part III



Rapid Scale Manufacturing

What Leaders Have To Say About The Future of Transportation

VIDEO: Own Change


Global Automotive Mandates

Why now? Zero- Emission Global Mandates and What They Mean To You

Getting Millions On Board The Zero-Emission Future

VIDEO: Government Mandates

VIDEO: A Zero-Emission Future

VIDEO: Environmental Goals

VIDEO: Hydrogen Is The Future

VIDEO: Interview With Ronn Ford


Auto Shows

The 51st SEMA Show Arrives in Las Vegas

Luxury Brands Debut Zero-Emission Future at Los Angeles Auto Show


RONN Motor Group, Inc. Happenings

The Investor Update Is In!

A Reason To Celebrate November 1st

RONN Motor Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO Ronn Ford Speaks at Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition

A Time For Giving Thanks

VIDEO: Experience Matters

VIDEO: Interview With Ronn Ford


Human Interest Articles

Everyone Can Do Something: Easy Automotive Changes That Have A Big Impact

How They Drive On Mars And Venus

VIDEO: I Am A Dreamer

VIDEO: Ronn’s First Automobile

VIDEO: Interview With Ronn Ford


What Leaders Have To Say About The Future of Transportation


Words are a powerful tool especially when crafted by influential leaders, individuals with the power to bring the past into perspective and mold the future into action. As the year draws to a close, we would like to share our list of the top 10 quotes that are shaping tomorrow’s transportation industry:

On Zero-Emission Technology:

“Nothing can stop the car being the most coveted product that comes with development, and more efficient conventional engines are not the answer. We must have zero-emission vehicles. Nothing else will prevent the world from exploding.” -Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and Nissan

 “Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, with a zero-emission capability, represent the future of the automobile. These vehicles will be the fastest growing segment of the auto market by 2050. By 2021, at least 10 brands will be selling hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. By this time, hydrogen fueling infrastructures will be sufficiently developed in several regions to allow large-scale hydrogen mobility.” -Naqui Jaffery, the lead author of Information Trend’s report Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicles: A Global Analysis

On Alternative Energy:

“We’re betting that within 15 years, scientists and engineers will develop big breakthroughs that will put us on a path to zero carbon emissions and make energy more affordable for everyone.” –Bill Gates

“We need to surprise them that these alternative ways of doing energy can come along and come along in an economic way. If we are to avoid the levels of warming that are dangerous we need to move at full speed.” –Bill Gates

 On Design:

“Design is going to be increasingly important. When you move to electric vehicles, you’re not interacting anymore with a complex mechanical gasoline engine where the engine noise and response varies extremely from different car companies. So I think values from buyers in the future are going to shift. We’re all going to expect fast acceleration, instant torque that we have in acceleration – but we’re going to start looking at other ways to entice the buyer. Exterior and interior design. The user interface. The ride and handling.” -Henrik Fisker, noted auto designer

“People spend a great deal of time in their vehicles. The interior is where they live and where they feel secure to fully express who they are. After all, automobiles are about people. And this company is built with more than transportation in mind. It’s built for individuals.” –Ronn Ford, Chairman and CEO of RONN Motor Group, Inc.

On Manufacturing:

3D printing is used extensively for prototyping in product development today to accelerate design cycles and enable designers to efficiently explore multiple options. Typically, these designs were manufactured in analog processes like injection molding, but in the future, parts will be manufactured using 3D print.” -Dr. Paul Benning, HP fellow and 3D print chief technologist at HP, Inc.

“I think one of the main advantages … is to be able to adjust and adapt the whole production line with the speed of the 3D printing production lines.  For example, if we want to improve something on our machine, it’s easy – it’s just one click away. For another technology like injection, it’s not one click away; it’s two to three months away. You’d have to change molds, ship it, make sure it’s ready and working, and then start producing.” -Matt Regnier, CEO of Dagoma 3D

On The Past:

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” -Old Native American Proverb

On The Future:

“I really do encourage other manufacturers to bring electric cars to market. It’s a good thing, and they need to bring it to market and keep iterating and improving and make better and better electric cars, and that’s what is going to result in humanity achieving a sustainable transport future.” –Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Inc.

The Investor Update Is In!


December 18, 2017

As Chairman and CEO of RONN Motor Group, Inc. (RONN), I am often asked by supporters, such as yourself, what it feels like to be at the forefront of the future, setting out to be the world leader advancing transportation technology that addresses the global zero-emission mandates.
I can confidently say that playing a significant role in creating sustainable energy for tomorrow is both a privilege and a necessity, which is exactly why RONN is offering the limited opportunity to invest in all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell technology at the ground level via its Regulation A+ mini-IPO offering.
In addition to accomplishing the most significant milestones in our company’s history (see below), the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is quickly coming to a close as we are in the process of completing the application to list on a National Exchange with the intention of listing FY18 Q1. Therefore, the remaining few weeks of 2017 are the most opportune time to secure your shares. Invest here or call 1-866-711-RONN (7666) to learn more. For access consideration to the PPM, please contact Nicole Rose, RONN Motor Group, Inc., at 480-884-1602.


2017 Highlights include:

• Acquisition of Swedish consulting company, completed September 7, 2017 
• Signed agreement of Swedish all-electric bus manufacturer November 1, 2017
• Swedish entity will be our wholly owned subsidiary: RONN Motor Group International 
• RONN Motor Group International will oversee: Sweden and China


• Broker / Dealers of record
• Offices located on the floor of the NYSE





• Second Broker / Dealer and representative Underwriters
• Offices located in mid-town NYC


• Definitive partnership agreement signed
• Autonomous, accident avoidance, cloud-based data acquisition, IoT applications 

• Signed LOI agreement to purchase a 40+ year strong parts distribution company operating in NYC
• Anticipated purchase completion FY18 Q1
• Estimated revenues of approximately $3M to $5M per year and turning a profit
• Lions Assurance Financial will also bring TATA Group from India to the table, as we are now working on the terms of a pilot in India to showcase our hydrogen technologies
• RONN will supply a bus and hydrogen power generation station (expected)
• Timeline could be as early as June 2018 (early due diligence has begun)
• Keith Yagnik (Director) and Ariel Tavor (Principal) are both seasoned automotive and financial executives with well over 30 years’ experience each
• It is anticipated both will have executive advisory positions within the company overseeing the India initiative


IR Activities
• The Aberleen / Cuttone analyst report has been completed
• As of December 15, 2017, the team began to market our PPM to investors leading up to our listing on a National Exchange
• The private placement analyst report was collaboratively completed by the Brokers, Executives and Analysts to ensure consistent voice and information
• The private placement has been moved to a $20M offering from the original $10M at the request of our Brokers and Analysts
• $3.5M from the sale of our securities will go towards the purchase of the Swedish bus manufacturing facility


• Signed $6.2M equity investment agreement (Private Investor)
• Seven Broker/Dealers awaiting syndication underneath the two principal Broker/Dealers
• Market Traction based on Strategic Partners and Financing Road Map can be viewed at:
• Currently vetting graphic automobile designers to render new vehicle images following October meeting with MetalCrafters (CA), who build production prototypes for Chrysler, Mercedes, Ford, etc.
• RONN launched updated company website on October 9 and can be viewed at:
• RONN/CrowdVest website, a new secondary online platform that facilitates investments in startup companies, went live October 4 and can be viewed at:
• Consideration towards relocating RONN operational headquarters from the present ASU SkySong location to DC Ranch (the most exclusive area in North Scottsdale, Arizona) 

Significant New Meetings

• Boeing Technical Fellow / Intellectual Property Strategy – Wayne Howe
• Silicon Valley Bank
• China – Brilliance Auto
• D-Stinct, LLC
• Valley of the Sun Clean Cities Coalition/RONN Motor Group, Inc. presentation
• Dawson James Securities Annual Conference
• Silicon Valley roadshows


Team Additions Can be viewed at:

Jim Maury – Chief Technology Officer

Jim Maury embodies nearly 30 years of extensive experience in developing advanced software-centric solutions across multiple industries and functional domains. His background centers on start-up technology companies with disruptive software applications and IoT infrastructure that automates the decision support work process. His expertise in predictive data modeling techniques, coupled with quantitative analytics is driving more data transparency while improving decision accuracy through the business intelligence framework.  Jim was currently the SVP of Business Development at WeatherCloud, Inc. where he was responsible for realigning their Go-To-Marketing strategy, which included a scalable partner ecosystem and a deeper relationship with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud service.  He also developed a fully adaptive ROI model for the long-haul trucking and small truck fleet market that focused on accident costs and ETA delays. 

Press Release Announcement:

Nicole Rose – Chief Marketing Officer 

Nicole Rose exemplifies over 25 years of strategic brand marketing experience and has partnered with a wide variety of organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  Prior to joining RONN Motor Group, Inc., Nicole was one of seven, senior-level executives for Elio Motors, Inc., a revolutionary automotive start-up focused on altering the course of transportation history.  In this capacity, Nicole oversaw the marketing efforts that raised $126M in capital, $28M in reservations and $477M in potential orders over a three-year period. Additionally, Nicole led the various teams through the Regulation A+ public offering, which resulted in raising nearly $17M in less than three months, then listing its shares on the OTC Markets, making Elio Motors the first crowdfunded security to go from public solicitation under Regulation A+ to a publicly traded security.

Carolyn Muary – Chief Financial Officer (Interim)

Carolyn Maury is equipped with more than 20 years of extensive financial and operational experience, specifically financial oversight of taking startup companies public and strategic mergers and acquisitions. Her professional experience includes CFO and Co-Founder of Central Coast Fitness Group, Inc., who owned and operated Gold’s Gym. She also supported and managed Verizon strategic acquisitions for their Enterprise and IoT Divisions. Carolyn held her Series 7 and 66 and was FINRA certified as a Financial Adviser for Strategic Financial Partners. She oversaw Investor Relations and Finance for’s IPO in 1999 and was responsible for earnings calls, analyst meetings and strategic acquisitions; the company merged with in 2000 and became Openwave Systems, Inc. through a $6B merger. Carolyn’s experience extends to Human Resources and Finance at Solaicx, Inc., where she was instrumental in staffing and budgeting for their new ingot factory in Portland, Oregon.


Team Promotions Can be viewed at:

Damon Kuhn 
Promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer, RONN Motor Group, Inc.

Harry Hayes
Promoted to President, RONN Motor Group International

Gert Carlsson
Promoted to Chief Operating Officer, RONN Motor Group International

Board of Directors (Independent Additions)

Roland Ho

In 2001, Roland Ho co-founded and co-managed the structured product asset management business for Trust Company of the West until 2009. He is one of two principals that built the business into one of the fastest growing and highest revenue generating business units. Under Roland’s direction, the business unit managed over $35B of assets invested in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and has won many asset management awards over the years. The asset management team built by Roland was considered one of the best in structured products. Prior to joining Trust Company of the West, Roland managed the investment research team at Hyperion Capital Management, where he was responsible for analyzing and developing investment strategies for the firm. Roland is an expert in structuring transactions, formulating and executing investment strategies, and business development and execution. Roland holds a BA and an MA in Electrical Science from Cambridge University, England. He also studied for his doctorate in Mathematics at the Imperial College, University of London and is a CFA Charter holder. He was born in Hong Kong and currently resides in New York City.

Bernt Ullman

Bernt Ullmann is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Skilled in Trend Analysis, Consumer Products, Retail, Multi-channel Retail, Brand Management and Licensing, Bernt is a strong business development professional with an MBA and BA focused in Business Development/Service Management from Copenhagen Business School. Currently Bernt is President and Chief Executive Officer of Star Branding, LLC, a renowned brand management and licensing partnership that he cofounded in 2009. Alongside the likes of such notable names as Tommy Hilfiger, Andy Hilfiger and Joe Lamastra, together the focus is on creating, developing, incubating, marketing and distributing global lifestyle brands. Star Branding enjoys tremendous access to leading retailers, manufacturers, brands and celebrities worldwide.

Brian Rives (Nominated)

Brian Rives possesses more than 25 years of experience working in the residential real estate sector and more than 17 years working specifically in luxury real estate development.  Brian graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering and Management.  His professional career began at UDC Homes as a Superintendent where he was responsible for managing subdivisions.  At the age of 25, Brian relocated to Georgia, where he oversaw the division and closure of UDC Homes Georgia.  Brian supervised the development of hundreds of residential lots for Monterey Homes while employed as their Land Development Manager and was also a former Project Manager for Toll Brothers where he managed the sales, purchasing, marketing construction and customer service of two semi-custom home subdivisions.  As Land Acquisition and Development Manager for Engle Homes Arizona, Brian was responsible for the acquisition and development of thousands of residential lots.  In 2000, Brian started his first custom home building company, which he sold in 2004.  At that time, he started Cantabria Homes, Inc., which develops multi-million dollar estates in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Damon Kuhn – Executive Director

Jim Maury – Executive Director


In Closing

Rest assured that the entire RONN team will continue to make significant strides in 2018 and remain laser focused on our strategic roadmap as we prepare to list on a National Exchange. We are committed to continued communication in an effort to keep you well-informed through future updates.  We welcome and encourage you to freely share our accomplishments with your network, introducing RONN to those who are equally passionate about creating solutions that will provide a better, more sustainable future and who value the opportunity to invest in a company that is well-positioned to meet the technological global demands of tomorrow.

As always, I, along with the RONN team, am available to answer any questions you may have.  Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support. 


Ronn Ford
Chairman & CEO, RONN Motor Group, Inc.

The Offering Materials May Contain Forward-Looking Statements And Information Relating To, Among Other Things, The Company, Its Business Plan And Strategy, And Its Industry. These Forward-Looking Statements Are Based On The Beliefs Of, Assumptions Made By, And Information Currently Available To The Company’s Management. When Used In The Offering Materials, The Words “Estimate,” “Project,” “Believe,” “Anticipate,” “Intend,” “Expect” And Similar Expressions Are Intended To Identify Forward-Looking Statements, Which Constitute Forward Looking Statements. These Statements Reflect Management’s Current Views With Respect To Future Events And Are Subject To Risks And Uncertainties That Could Cause The Company’s Actual Results To Differ Materially From Those Contained In The Forward-Looking Statements. Investors Are Cautioned Not To Place Undue Reliance On These Forward-Looking Statements, Which Speak Only As Of The Date On Which They Are Made. The Company Does Not Undertake Any Obligation To Revise Or Update These Forward-Looking Statements To Reflect Events Or Circumstances After Such Date Or To Reflect The Occurrence Of Unanticipated Events. To obtain a copy of the Offering Circular, click here to download directly.

Luxury Brands Debut Zero-Emission Future at 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show

The 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show wrapped up on Monday, Dec. 10th after 10 days dedicated to unveiling “the future of mobility in the car culture capital of the world.”  Launched in 1907 in a skating rink with 99 cars, the L.A. Auto Show was the first of its kind on the West Coast and the largest show west of Chicago with 3,000 attendees.  110 years later, it is still one of the most sought-after venues with nearly 1,000 vehicles on display in the world’s No. 1 car-buying market.

This year’s show was met with anticipation and curiosity as upcoming designs, both under the hood and stylistically, were on display for the public to see.  Fueling methods of future automobiles played a part as one significant industry shift, and there is no other place more fitting to display zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) than The Golden State.

“There’s no question that this is the show where automakers want to talk about alternative fuel and alternative power trains,” said Joe Wiesenfelder, the executive editor of “In California especially, it’s such a hot segment.”

California currently has more than 284,000 ZEVs on its roads with over 20 models on the market. With a challenging statewide goal of 1.5M ZEVs cumulatively by 2025, this is the niche market on which many automakers are focusing.

Across the floor of the Los Angeles Convention Center, brands such as BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Volvo, Audi and VW, just to name a few, touted shiny debut and concept ZEVs for the masses to behold.


BMW, i8 Roadster                                                            Mercedes- AMG Project One

With global mandates for a zero-emission future quickly approaching as soon as 2019, automakers were educating on-lookers about upcoming ZEVs.  While many vehicles on display were plug-in hybrids, BMW promised 25 electric models by 2025, and Mercedes-Benz plans to beat that, offering electric versions of every car in its lineup by 2022.  VW was committed to 50 electric models and 30 hybrids across all its brands — Audi, Porsche, SEAT and Skoda — by 2025.

Audi of America’s president, Scott Keogh said, “Our customers are highly educated, part of the creative class. They want to make a difference. They’re the kind of customers who want to buy cool things.”  The brand plans to offer three all-electric vehicles by 2020.

BMW board member Klaus Frölich told reporters, “For us, electric mobility is the new normal… We will deliver whatever powertrain our customers desire.”  These sentiments are becoming commonplace among automakers as realization sets in that fossil fuel will no longer be the go-to option in the next two decades with plug-in electrics and all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles approaching at an alarming rate.

RONN Motor Group, Inc. is a global leader in zero-emission, long-range transportation platforms, committed to merging globally conscious solutions with the human experience.  Its full-line range of all electric-hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles will encompass automobiles, intercity buses, fleet delivery and light-duty trucks, as well as future Hypercars, bridging the gap between electrification and a fuel-cell future.

Right now anyone has the limited opportunity to invest in a forward-moving company like RONN Motor Group, Inc. through Regulation A+.  Investment opportunities once limited to high net worth individuals are now accessible to everyone.  For those who believe that a zero-emission future and dynamic automotive design can be attained hand-in-hand, there is still time to invest.  Together we can accelerate the future.


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