A Reason To Celebrate November 1st

The beginning of each month holds a place of honor in the hearts and minds of many.  The 1st of any given month may represent a fresh start or a new season.  Some anticipate celebrations, anniversaries or holidays in the coming days.  In America, November ushers in cooler temps, falling leaves, a season for giving thanks and gathering with friends and family.

At RONN Motor Group, Inc., November 1st holds a place of great honor and respect as we celebrate the birthday of our Chairman and CEO, Ronn Ford.

Born and raised by humble parents in the oil fields of Texas, Ronn grew up in a large family where everything was shared, luxuries nonexistent.  Ronn dreamed of a better future where he could pursue his passions and interests.  He found hobbies at an early age, falling in love with automobiles and building soapbox derby racers as a child.  As a teenager, Ronn took his first job as a painter with a small automotive company and later opened his first body shop with a meager $500.

Always one to come up with a creative solution, Ronn’s first car was a 1972 Grand Torino which he built with his own hands by sawing two wrecked Grand Torinos in half and marrying them as one.  He proceeded to dedicate his professional career to every aspect of the automobile, from concept to construction, detailed fabrication, racing, painting, restoring, sales…the list is infinite.

Ronn has developed relationships all over the world with legends in the automotive industry, and as a result, he has gained a reputation of honesty, transparency, diverse automotive talents, record-setting restorations and award-winning finishes. Even amid the accolades, the roles Ronn is most proud of are that of a husband, a father and a grandfather.  These gifts in his life have served as the impetus to take the chance to live out his dream and in turn follow his passion by creating a company that impacts a cleaner future for all.

“I have children.  I have grandchildren.  I want a future that is safe for them,” said Ronn.  “I want to see a tomorrow where the air they breathe is clean, and they are free to live the lives for which they were created.  I want to do my part to ensure a better future for them and for all people.”

Ronn’s dream is for all hard-working Americans to have the opportunity to change their futures. Putting his God-given talents to work, Ronn set out to create a company that allows anyone to get in on the ground floor of a company that not only has the potential to change the automotive sector, but the livelihood of anyone that believes in the dream of a cleaner future through its recently announced Regulation A+ mini-IPO offering.  “I hope that when people look back on us as a company, they will see that we were more driven by our conscience and our heart than by financial efforts,” Ronn said.

His professional career speaks of his talent, but it’s those who know him best that speak of his integrity.  A devout man of faith, Ronn is swift to speak truth and wisdom, and it would be out of character to hear a complaint cross his lips.  He is an encourager, a believer in the potential of people, a visionary and an inspiring human being.  Ronn’s life is a testament to the power of prayer, the pursuit of happiness and the American dream.  Those who know Ronn well are better for it and fortunate to have crossed his path.

So without further adieu, from the entire RONN Motor Group team and extended family of supporters, Happy Birthday, Ronn.  May you be blessed with a lifetime of continued success.



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